Truth suffers from too much analysis


“Yo, I was placed on the planet just to cause problems/Sperm I spawned from, burnt holes in condoms/Heaven splits in the presence of excellence/A force to be reckoned with/Way too fuckin strong to rely on ya prayers and hopes/I walk out the jungle in bear-skinned coats/While you still scared of ghosts we cut throats/I introduce myself, the God is upmost/My brain never touched the soap/Refused to be another fuckin slave that stuffed the boats/On puffs of smoke, fuckin phenomenal/What I think is logical, to you is physically impossible/Take a blood drop from you, copy you/Just to get your own identical to tell you I’m unstoppable/Unsurpassable obstacle unsolvable/Math written in my chronicle, astronomical/Pass me the gun for mans extinction/I piss in the fountains of youth you drink from/My stomach got young dead orphans in it/I eat from trash cans at abortion clinics”
Jus Allah

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