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Meno’s Paradox

Posted by allzermalmer on April 11, 2013

Meno: But how will you look for something when you don’t in the least know what it is? How on earth are you going to set up something you don’t know as the object of your search? To put it another way, even if you come right up against it, how will you know that what you have found is the thing you didn’t know?

Socrates: I understand what you mean, Meno. Do you see that an eristic argument you’re introducing, that it isn’t possible for one to inquire either into what one knows, or into what one doesn’t know? For one wouldn’t inquire into what one knows- for one knows it, and there’s no need to inquire into such a thing; nor into what one doesn’t know- for one doesn’t know what one is inquiring into.

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