Truth suffers from too much analysis

Story of Toy Story

Posted by allzermalmer on March 22, 2011

This is a continuation from Stuck In the Elevator.

In the movie Toy Story, and throughout all the other sequels to it, the toys come alive when no one is around to see them. In other words, the toys went from inanimate when the people were around to animate when they were gone. We find some of these ideas with children, and it is one thing that they imagine about. Thus they find it very interesting when they see it in movies.

Following the empirical stance, we find that this is certainly a realm of possibility. We have no reason to say that this doesn’t happen, and so the children can keep imagining it. The empirical stance only says that we don’t know if it happens or not. There is nothing that prevents this from happening and it is only through dogmatic assumptions that we dismiss this idea.

When I leave the room where the toys are, I no longer know what is going on there. I don’t even know, empirically, that it is still there. Thus, many things can happen while I am gone. My experience tells me nothing about it. All I would know is that the toys are in such-and-such position when I leave, and that they are in such-and-such position when I come back. My imagination could fill in all sorts of things that happened there, so long as they are not logical contradictions like A & ~A.

Of course someone could say that I didn’t see it happen when you were gone and I was there, but this doesn’t show anything. For they are inanimate when someone is there. Having knowledge through experience opens up many possibilities and keeps us from being dogmatic.



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